Fellowship New Family Registration

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Welcome to Fellowship City Kids

We are so glad you are here! Please fill out this form to get your kids registered and checked in this morning. Once completed, return to the check-in station to retrieve your kid’s name tags.

Adult infomation:

Rock Wall Waiver Disclaimer

We are requiring a waiver for each child to be signed by a parent or legal guardian giving them permission to use the rock-climbing wall at Fellowship City Church in Chagrin Falls. They will not be permitted to climb without the waiver being signed.

I hereby give permission for my child(ren) to participate with Fellowship City Church in all rock climbing activities within the limitations of the rules set by Fellowship. I understand the activity of rock climbing is dangerous and could result in injury or death if said minor does not properly follow the rules. I trust that said minor(s) will follow the rules and guidelines set by Fellowship. I do hereby release Fellowship and its agents from any and all causes of action, claims and damages by reason of injury which may be sustained by said minor before, during or after use of the rock climbing wall, while they are in the care of Fellowship.