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Care Team

The Care Team involves many different individual team including:
  • The EMAIL PRAYER TEAM receives emails with prayer requests that come in to the church. This is an easy way to care for others in time of need!
  • The VISITATION TEAM visits people in the hospital or who are home-bound. Visits can be done solo or with another visitation team members. You will be contacted with visitation needs and have the opportunity to visit if you are able.
  • Fellowship’s ENCOURAGEMENT TEAM sends cards to those going through difficult times. Many of these cards are handmade by those on the team. Become a channel of His grace to others and join this ministry. If you enjoy sending encouraging notes and/or making cards, we’d love for you to use your talents to help encourage others.
  • The MEALS MINISTRY TEAM meets needs within the church body during challenging times, such as illness, new baby, or grief. Dinners are provided to those who could use the encouragement of a prepared meal. These meals are coordinated for an appropriate length of time and modified according to dietary restrictions. Making a meal is a simple but powerful way to minister to people during difficult times.
  • The FUNERAL MINISTRY TEAM provides a meal for the family and friends of the deceased immediately following a funeral at Fellowship. The family has the option to choose appetizers or a sit-down meal for up to 50 people. Team members can choose to help prepare the meal, serve the meal, and/or clean up after the meal.
  • The HOSPITALITY TEAM provides and serves food for church functions. For many of the events, team members can choose to help prepare the meal, serve the meal, and/or clean up after the meal.

Opportunity Details:

Ministry Leader: Delene Kirtland
Days of the Week: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun
Does this team require a background check?: No
Time Frame(s) of when volunteers can serve:: All these opportunities are on as needed basis and flexible times!