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Family Road Map 2024

Family Road Map 2024 will give you tools and ideas for planning the purpose and direction of your family by keeping your family first and God centered. Here is an interesting thought: Most parents spend more time planning the perfect family vacation than they do planning the direction of their family. They haven't asked questions like: What qualities do we want our children to possess? What things do we want to be sure to do as a family? What values do we have as a family? How does this play out in the day to day of life? This will be a fun time covering aspects of parenting and resetting or clarifying the purpose and direction of your family in 2024! 

  • May 11 | 9AM-12PM at Chagrin Campus

Cost for book: $20 

Aime McGinnis

Fireplace Room; Chagrin Campus

Date / Time
  • Saturday, May 11, 2024 @ 9:00 AM