LYN Drives


LYN Fall Food Drive

We can Love Our Neighbors and make a difference in someone’s life by being involved in our LYN Fall Food Drive. 

Each campus partners with a local food pantry to help those in need in our immediate communities. We are also partnering with True Freedom prison ministry. 

This is our “Fall” Food Drive. Please think of families sending their kids back to school and the need for snacks and lunches to put in their backpacks!

Please donate items in the following categories: 
Body Wash, Lotion, Deodorant, Hair Ties, Candy Bars
Hot cocoa, coffee, coffee filters, tea, granola bars, hot cereal, syrup, oatmeal, grits, Cream of Wheat, pancake mix.

Lunches and Snacks
Bread, tuna, canned chicken, crackers, granola bars, cookies, treats, chili, cornbread mix, dried beans, ramen noodles, rice, particularly white rice.

High Priority Items
Spaghetti sauce, spaghetti noodles, ladies’ supplies.

On the Fresher Side
Bags of potatoes, onions, apples or oranges.

No time to shop?
For those who do not have the time to shop, please donate a gift card! Gift cards are used to buy fresher items to go with the dry goods.

Help sort food?
Register at:
Sunday, September 8

Please return all donations on or before Sunday, September 8.