Love Your Neighbor Project Application

LYN Project Application

What is Love Your Neighbor Weekend?

Love Your Neighbor Weekend is a day where Fellowship City Church goes into the community to serve our community. Planning is underway for this year’s event and we would love to partner with you.

What you need to know about the Project Application

Use as much detail as possible on the application, as this helps us to better understand your expectations for the project. You MUST submit an application for each project that you are hoping to have volunteers complete during Love Your Neighbor Weekend. To complete a second Project Application, just refresh the page. We cannot guarantee that funds can be provided for all projects, but if you have a financial need for your project, please specify that on your application. Also list if you need supplies donated. ALL Project Applications must be received six weeks ahead of time. But remember projects are accepted first come, first serve, so the earlier you can get your information to us, the better.

Your Role and Responsibility as a Host Site

• Develop a volunteer-based project for Fellowship City Church volunteers to actively participate in. I understand that once the project is approved it is reserved for Fellowship City Church Love Your Neighbor Weekend. It cannot be changed and/or given to a different organization to complete ahead of Love Your Neighbor Weekend.

• You may want to have additional projects in mind if volunteers finish early. Our volunteers LOVE serving and are very excited to complete the projects, which we have found often results in projects being completed much quicker than the estimate time Host Sites think it will take to complete. If there’s more you need done, have it in mind.

• Be prepared to communicate all project details and work with a Site Leader from Fellowship City Church.

• Welcome volunteers and be prepared to give a short summary of the project and your organization or ministry – what do you do, who do you work with, etc. This is a great time to share about ways volunteers can become regularly involved.

• Have an On-Site Host from your organization at the project site for the entire shift(s). Work with the Site Leader and volunteers to make sure the project is completed in the manner you had hoped.

• Give Fellowship City Church honest feedback following Love Your Neighbor Saturday. We are here to serve the organizations who partner with us and the only way we can get better at doing so is for our organizations to complete the Love Your Neighbor Saturday survey that will be emailed to you following the weekend.

• I understand that submitting this application does not guarantee that this project application will be accepted.

Request Entry

What’s next after I submit my application?

Submitting an application does NOT guarantee that your project application has been or will be approved. Once your application is received and reviewed, you will be emailed with any questions and if your project is accepted for Love Your Neighbor Weekend (MOST projects are chosen. Only in the rare instance are projects turned down where we don’t feel that our volunteers can complete a project because of specific skills, additional training sessions, etc. BUT do your best to get your project in early as we do take projects on a first come, first serve basis until we have reached the number of serving opportunities we feel our volunteers can fill).

If you have any questions, email Love Your Neighbor Director Aime McGinnis at