Small Groups

Fellowship Small Groups

At Fellowship we believe we are better together. We gather in groups, in homes, and in cafes each week to connect with one another and grow in our faith. We are a church of small groups who know community happens better in circles than in rows. Every Spring and Fall we lanch new groups that will continue to sharpen each of us and spur us on towards love and good deeds.

To inquire about or join an existing group, click on "Fellowship Groups" on the left side of this screen. Then, select your criteria, such as type of study or day study is held and you will see a list of groups. If you would like to see all available groups, just leave all the criteria blank and all the groups will be displayed when you scroll down.
Step 2 - When you find a group you are interested in checking out, just click on the register pencil icon to the right of the name of the group. You will be contacted by the group leader who will invite you to attend the group to see if it is a good fit for you.
Step 3 - If you decide you'd like to try another group, no problem, just register for another group or contact Delene Kirtland for additional information.

We can help you get connected if you have questions in any step of the process. Contact Delene Kirtland, 440.543.5643 X231 or